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Telehealth is the provision of consultation advice using the internet to provide a remote service to you using a computer in your home, or conveniently located or in your town, while I remain in Perth. So the only difference to face to face review is that we are in different places. This saves you travel time and money. I offer telehealth consultations for follow up after we have previously had a face to consultation. The service operates as follows:

  1. If you request a telehealth consultation, Prof Prince's secretary will contact you to arrange a time for the consultation and ensure that your connection is functional.

  2. You must live within a telehealth eligible area outside the Perth metropolitan area. You must also have access to a computer for a private conversation eg at home GP Surgery or Telehealth Centre. The computer will need video and audio connections and Skype freeware installed.

  3. Prior to your appointment time you will be contacted to ensure that all the information including your results and the referral required for the consultation has been provided to Prof Prince. You will also be asked to provide your credit card number, expiry and ccv prior to your consultation. You will be billed after the consultation.

  4. Before the appointment time his secretary will contact you on Skype to prepare for the consultation.

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