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For Patients

  What all patients need to bring to an appointment

The effectiveness and efficiency of each consultation is much improved if you can complete the following tasks before you see Prof Prince.

  1. Bring your referral letter from the referring doctor and any other doctor's letter you have been given
  2. Bring all your medications or an up to date list
  3. Bring the completed questionnaire relevant to your problem sent before the appointment or copied from the web site
  4. Bring all blood test results you have

For patients with Bone Disease (osteoporosis etc.) bring all X-rays and other imaging tests you have including all the bone density information you have including the images of your bone scan if you have them.

For patients with Diabetes bring your glucometer.

For patients with Diabetes who need Prof Prince to complete a Driver's Licence application you must bring either a written record of your blood sugar tests 3 times a day for 2 weeks or better your glucometer results for a similar period.

What patients should expect at the consultation

  1. Dr Prince will ask you about the problems and concerns you have about your health
  2. Then he will ask you questions that will help to answer the questions
  3. Next he may examine you if he thinks it will provide further information
  4. Once the information has been collected he will advise you on how to fix the problems including possible follow up
  5. Finally he will write to you and your referring doctor to act as a record of what happened.

Patient Information

The links below provide Professor Prince's patients access to specific information about their condition. To access this information, you will need details provided during your consultation with him.


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